Kanasawa Shoyu

Season with Shoyu

Aged in cedar casks for over 18 months. Use at the end of cooking to preserve its delicate taste. Ingredients: well water, organic whole soybeans, organic whole wheat, sea salt.

#020 ~ 10 oz ...............$5.50

Mikawa Mirin

Authentic sweet rice cooking wine adds a mild sweetness to your dishes. Excellent combined with shoyu for sauces and dressings, dips, spreads and marinades.

 #141A ~ 10oz.............$13.95

Kyushu Brown Rice Vinegar

It takes over 12 months to make Mitoku Brown Rice Vinegar. Gently filtered then aged, the finished vinegar has a deep, dark color and rich taste, yet possesses a delightfully mellow character. No additives. Mitoku.

 #140 ~ 10oz ............... $4.95

Miso Tamari 10oz

Organic Miso Tamari

A special treat – traditional tamari liquid that rises after miso ages. Rich in beneficial enzymes and flavor! Well water, organic soybeans, organic barley,
organic brown koji rice, sea salt.

 #023 ~ 10oz .............. $7.95

Yaemon Tamari

This famous, authentic wheat-free soy sauce has a deep, delectable, rich taste. The quality of its ingredients and traditional hand crafting are extroidinary.

#021 ~ 10oz  ...............$9.95

American Made Miso Master Miso

Miso Master
American Made Miso

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