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Organic Sesame Ginger Kelp Krunch Bars

This Kelp Krunch bar is created for those who love crunchy sesame seeds and strong gingery taste in a mildly sweet bar with just a hind of cayenne. Sesame Seeds, Kelp, Brown Rice Syrup, Maple Syrup, Ginger, Vanilla, Cayenne.

Sesame Ginger Krunch Bars 12/1oz
Item #436B    ($3.36 each)     ....... $40.32

Sesame Ginger Kelp Krunch
Sesame Kelp Krunch Bars

Organic Sesame Kelp Krunch Bars

A unique candy made form nutritious, mineral-rich kelp and sesame seeds sweetened with natural barley / corn malt and maple syrup and natural vanilla. 1oz bars are individually wrapped

Sesame Krunch Bars 12/1oz
Item #435B       ($3.36 each) ........... $40.32

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Add Organic Sesame Ginger Kelp Krunch Bars 12/1oz to Cart 

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