Healthy Miso Soup

Enjoy this healthy and nourishing miso soup made with Miso Master Organic Traditional Red Miso.

1. Pour water into pot with shiitake and maitaki mushrooms, wakame, onion and carrots, bring to a boil, reduce to a simmer.

2. Cook for 5 minutes, add greens.

3. Cook soup until vegetables are soft 3-5 minutes more. (I like my veggies  lightly cooked.)

4. Place cup of soup broth in a cup or small measuring cup and add miso, mix to dissolve, pour into soup pot and simmer BELOW the boiling point for 2 minutes. Enjoy.

Variation: Add different combinations of fresh veggies, depending on what is in season and what is in your refrigerator. Serve over a bowl of Organic Planet Soba or Udon for a complete meal.

4 cups of water
2 large kale greens, chopped (or any green veggie!)
1 small carrot diced, or fancy carrot flowers
small onion cut in half moons
Shiitake Mushrooms break in pieces

Sea Veggies

Sea Veggies are good for you
and they taste good, too!

Sea vegetables are enjoyed around the world for their nutritional qualities as well as for making popular (and tasty) dishes such as sushi and miso soup. 

Natural Lifestyle offers a wide selection of tasty sea vegetables here >

1 heaping tablespoon Maitake Mushroom pieces
2 pinches of Wakame pieces
1 Tablespoon of Miso Master Traditional Red Miso
Soba Pasta, cooked al dente (Organic Planet) optional

Organic Chef Tom’s

The Book of Miso - the art of cooking with Miso by john and jan belleme
Easy Miso Soup by Organic Chef Tom

Snow peas from Organic Chef Tom’s Urban Garden

The Miso Book
The Art of Cooking with Miso

The MISO Book by our good friends, John and Jan Belleme is packed with everything you need to know about the goodness of miso! These two miso masters, lived in Japan for an intensive study of traditional miso making by the World’s Miso Master, Onozaki. They returned to the US to open the American Miso Company (makers of Miso Master Organic Miso!) near Asheville, NC.

Miso is one umami superfood that should be in every refrigerator around the world. It is the ultimate fermented seasoning that can be used for marinades to medicine.

The Miso Book features over 140 healthy miso recipes for miso: dips, dressings, spreads, soups, and more!


John & Jan Belleme


American Made Organic Miso Master
Traditional Red Miso

Miso Master Organic Traditional Red Miso is a delicious, traditionally crafted miso is made near Asheville, NC.  The deep hearty flavor of this long term miso  is perfect for seasoning soups, stews, beans and marinades. 

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